Fretwork | The FFR: How did we get to here?
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The FFR: How did we get to here?

The FFR: How did we get to here?

Part of the process of engaging with the present FFR review  has been to look back at where we came from.

The FFR started in 1980 with the requirement for a MATCH TEST.

Here is the original Statutory Instrument :


You can read or download it from here: SI 725 furniture safety regulations 1980.pdf

It is enlightening to understand how things are done. The Statutory Instrument is read out in Parliament and becomes Law.


The entry in Hansard from 1980 demonstrates a level of understanding from the Noble Lords involved that beggars the performance of the Select Committee in more recent times. UFFS 1980 HoL Hansard


There was no requirement for filling material tests.

For the record, BS 5852 part 2 which contains the Crib 5 test was published in…..1982

The present FFR was published in 1988 and the accepted convention now is to call that FFR88. The Regulations have been amended but are pretty much as they were .


This is the original Statutory Instrument that are numbered so it may also be known as 1988 SI 1324.


You can find a copy here: 1988 REGS



The review ongoing in 2024 is based on bringing in the “NEW APPROACH” to Consumer Safety so perhaps it should be called “FFRNA”.


The recently published DRAFT Proposals from OPSS can be found here: fffsrs-consultation-2023-draft-regulations

Peter Wragg
Peter Wragg
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