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FRETWORK Newsletter No. 32

FRETWORK Newsletter No. 32

NEWSLETTER No. 32 – Monday 7th August 2017

In this issue:

The FFR Review


The FFR Review

It was not without a certain measure of surprise that FRETWORK (and others) were given copies of a new draft proposal for amending the UK Upholstered Furniture Fire Safety Regulations (aka FFR) on 7th July. It came from the British Furniture Confederation (BFC). We must say that, like BIS/BEIS, the timing was immaculate: Friday afternoon and just before the Annual Holiday Shutdowns start.

Nevertheless, we see the initiative as positive and a chance to move on from some of the technical errors present in the previous offerings from BIS and BEIS that were proving, shall we say, difficult to swallow?

In the circumstances of the ‘Hung Parliament’ it is difficult to see an initiative coming from the Government side and the issues with the existing Regulations, which are many and varied, have not gone away. The document has been sent to the Minister: Ms Margot James MP, Minister for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

It was considered that a we should circulate a copy of the letter and Proposal document through our Newsletter but it is already available on the BFC web site at

It is important to note that the draft as it exists was (clearly) not written by Parliamentary Regulation Drafting experts and that is a necessary step in every case.

It is also clear that it was written from the standpoint of part of the supply chain. FRETWORK believes that some recognition of other factors may need to be taken into account before the supply chain and others involved can come together in a united front to present to Government but that is a possibility to work towards for all concerned.

If you have any comments and would like to share them with us then please use our comments page. Contact us

We may publish any issues raised or points made if we think it proper to do so and, more importantly based on our ethos, if it will contribute to the debate.

Peter Wragg
Peter Wragg
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