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FRETWORK Newsletter No. 33

FRETWORK Newsletter No. 33

NEWSLETTER No. 33 – 3rd September 2017

In this issue:

The New Web Site

FFR Review


After months of fretting over this “baby” we now have a ‘launched’ web site.

You will see that it is still a work in progress as the definitions will need to be built upon to make a useful contribution. Anyone who thinks it is such a good idea that they would like to join in is welcome. The challenge is to write something in a very few sentences and most of all keep it to a very narrow subject. This seems to be the art and style of writing for the web – or so it seems to me. If it needs more then you need to break it down into smaller bites and I can cross reference the topics.

You may also disagree with what I have written and I am pleased to consider any re-write.

Last and certainly not least I really do want one and all to offer contributions to building up this section. I will moderate all contributions but if you are happy to put your name to it then I will put that on it as well.

For someone who has not even written to a social media platform previously this is all a bit of a new experience.

The Members Section requires more work and will eventually require a password entry that will be given to all subscribers. It will contain additional information such as the documentation we use for the FCOGP. I shall also offer any written comments on any subject through this route in future.

I would like to put on record the help I have been given by James ‘From the Sticks’ in getting this together. Its been a steep learning curve for me and I am truly grateful for the time and care he has taken in helping to make this real.

FFR Review

Work continues on our response to the BFC initiative for an Industry led attempt to move the Review process on. If anyone has any particular views they wish to promote then I will consider looking for a consensus from within this Network – or you could submit your own views to the BFC and I will gladly assist.

I hope that from within the web site we can set up a continuing dialogue on issues that matter and broadcast new information more quickly. I am not in favour of a blog approach at this time but who knows?

In the same vein, if you see a newspaper article that deserves our attention then I will be pleased to pass that on and as usual offer some advice from STUART if that helps.

Peter Wragg

Peter Wragg
Peter Wragg
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