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FRETWORK Newsletter No. 35

FRETWORK Newsletter No. 35

NEWSLETTER No. 35 – 11th October 2017

We now have some detail to back up the remarkable photos in FRETWORK Newsletter No. 34.

The fabric in question was from Warwick Fabrics UK Ltd and 8 rolls of peony were amongst the delivery to the coater on 22nd May 2017.

The coater was Clarkson Textiles Ltd of Nelson and they processed the textiles on 23rd May under a works instruction that identifies the formulation applied.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials of Barnsley, part of the Lubrizol Corporation, supplied the formulation used to treat the textile.

We now have a direct line of traceability from the raw materials used to formulate the compound to the production line where it was applied. We know which batch of chemical was in use when the fabric was processed and who signed off the approval of the goods after testing in process. We know who made the item of upholstery.

Spare a thought for the seat cushion perhaps? It was only produced as the textile cover fabric compliant to the UK FFR in May 2017 and by September it had suffered an ignition challenge that could have had dire consequences. Thanks to the professionalism of all those who make up this supply chain and the effectivity of the UK’s FRR all we need to have a happy ending is a replacement seat cushion.

Clarkson Textiles Ltd have been audited as part of the FRETWORK Code of Good Practice audit scheme (see Code of Good Practice ). Clarksons and Lubrizol have played a full role in the development of the scheme and everyone can take pleasure in seeing this happy outcome. Warwick Fabrics take confidence in the care and support of this supply chain where the audit scheme ensures standards are set and maintained.

We are pleased to acknowledge the positive approach of Warwick Fabrics, Clarkson Textiles and Lubrizol Advanced Materials Ltd in making this information available. Taking a longer view, making this type of result available is not just trumpet blowing but a significant and real contribution to our knowledge and understanding of this technology in action.


Peter Wragg 11th October 2017

Peter Wragg
Peter Wragg
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