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FW6 actions – next step

FW6 actions – next step

Here are the returns from the collation of the template submissions to FW6. It seems Sarah worked Saturday to complete them and then fled to a week’s holiday.

It is also confirmed that Phil Reynolds will be Acting Chair.

I have not copied this link to FW6 members: Damian and K so they are not compromised by knowledge of this availability. Please remember these are not to download and copy and definitely NOT to circulate. Disclosure could end FRETWORK’s involvement in the process.

I also offer the following thought: Phil R says he sees a group in this whole process who do not want coated fabrics. The question then is a FIRA question: “are you working for the Manufacturers or the Retailers?”


Any gossip or info welcome.

FW_6_21_0010.pdf FW_6_21_0009.pdf FW_6_21_0008.pdf FW_6_21_0007-3.pdf FW_6_21_0006.pdf FW_6_21_0005.pdf


Peter Wragg
Peter Wragg
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