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About Fretwork


The Flame Retardant Textiles Network Ltd.

FRETWORK is a NETWORKING approach to replace an old Trade Association.

It was set up, at the demise of the UK Textile Finishers Association, to carry on the important work with technical issues such as Standards and Regulation in a sector of industry that is relatively small in scale and fractured in nature.

Our original focus was on coordinating debate and action on technical and chemical issues in particular but has developed into the writing of a Code of Good Practice. In places, our record of operating procedures for the FCOGP not only serves to assist our auditors understand but is the first time certain areas of textile practice have been set down in writing.

This FRETWORK Code of Good Practice (FCOGP) is focussed on the production of outer cover textiles for upholstery according to the requirements of the UK and Ireland’s Upholstered Furniture (Fire) (Safety) Regulations, generally known as the FFR.

Compliance comes through PROCESS CONTROL

Emphasis is given to those who must work every day on the processes and procedures that ensure consumer safety. Experience and knowledge that is applied on a daily basis plays a crucial role.


The organisation is deliberately kept simple.

FRETWORK welcomes all Companies, Groups and Individuals who share our interests and join our NETWORK.

FRETWORK is supported by companies who recognise the importance of its aims and objectives and support it through paying a SUBSCRIPTION. They have access to the Member’s Area of our web site.

FRETWORK has coordinated the activities of a group of SUBSCRIBERS to form a Primary Authority partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Trading Standards on behalf of those scheme FOUNDER MEMBERS and they have undertaken the costs of developing our



Fretwork comprises organisations that apply flame retardant treatments to textiles and those who provide the chemical formulations for those treatments. These businesses play a vital role in ensuring furniture manufactured in the UK meets the stringent flammability requirements.

The NETWORK is an opportunity to ensure that discussion is able to embrace all aspects of the supply chain requirements.

FRETWORK is there to bring all sectors of the supply chain and provide a point for meeting. It is an essential part of our philosophy that others from outside our close group can join with us to ensure better understanding of issues, developments and problems.


The chemical supply industry must establish supply chain knowledge of chemical use and application.

The retail end of the supply chain must ensure they can answer fully to the consumer for what they sell.

The textile processors involved in FRETWORK have a crucial role in the supply chain when choices are made and decisions taken.

FRETWORK has the objective to bring communication and organisation to the supply chain on these critical technical issues.


Most actions of FRETWORK are based on an ‘as and when’ approach so involvement is only required when there is something to discuss.

FRETWORK will run Fora when suitable topics present themselves and will seek to bring the best people to the Fora to explain what is happening so we deal with the facts as far as they are available.

FRETWORK will be an entry point for new advice and information for the supply chain and try to create discussion and a consensus for action where necessary.