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Contact us


The Flame Retardant Textiles Network Ltd

FRETWORK is not a decision maker in the supply chain but it does seek to draw together those who must make decisions. We have an ongoing commitment to Science, Technology and Understanding throughout the supply chain. We are pleased to help those who seek better understanding of the issues that exist but we cannot replace the primary relationship between a processor and his customers.

FRETWORK welcomes all Companies, Groups and Individuals who share our interests and wish to join our NETWORK.

We will endeavour to share news of proposals and changes with those who join our NETWORK. You will be kept in touch with our activities, actions and meetings. NETWORKING is a key component of what we do.

FRETWORK is supported by companies who recognise the importance of its aims and objectives and through subscription fund our activities. They have access to the Member’s Area of our web site.


FRETWORK has coordinated the activities of a group of SUBSCRIBERS to form a Primary Authority partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) Trading Standards and they are the FOUNDER MEMBERS of our COORDINATED PARTNERSHIP with Nottinghamshire.

All the work required by the scheme is funded by these companies.

If you want to join our NETWORK then please email us at:

and ask to be added to our address list. We will need some background to check that you really are involved in this supply chain.

If you want to become a SUBSCRIBER and take part or to simply show your support for our aims and objectives then write to:

If you believe that joining our Group with in the COORDINATED PARTNERSHIP then we will have much to discuss but you can start that by writing to: