Fretwork | The “New” FIRA audit scheme for FFR Compliance.
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The “New” FIRA audit scheme for FFR Compliance.

The “New” FIRA audit scheme for FFR Compliance.

The “New” FIRA audit scheme for FFR Compliance.
WE should be sitting down to discuss this shortly but there are some concerns to be gleaned from the meagre scraps available so far.
The officers of FIRA responsible have clearly contacted textile processors to invite them to seminars and we are aware of some upholstery producing companies contacting textile coaters to inquire about traceability.
My concerns so far:
The scheme offers assurance to producers that is not available to textile processors (according to what has been written by FIRA officials). It could be that this scheme will do nothing to bridge the gap to the textile coaters and they will remain as the fall-guy who last handled the goods and therefore responsible for any failures.
The scheme does perpetuate the idea that the supply chain is all in the hands of the upholstery producers and seems to be designed to afford them protection.
It is not a supply chain audit scheme that anyone involved in an automotive supply chain would recognise.

Peter Wragg 26th Feb 2018

Peter Wragg
Peter Wragg
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